Welcome, I am Francesca

I’m a super-duper Digital Learning Experience Designer, an Inspiring Speaker, a book Author, and a former HR Manager.

I am a superstar in connecting People and Opportunities and an ambassador of the Designing Your Life approach in designing a happy and fulfilled life.

I am a “give, give, get” networker who strongly believes in the power of an authentic, credible and reactive network, made up of people we really know.

I lead managers, executives and leadership teams – as a senior consultant and trainer expert in Adult Education – in building strong Personal Branding and Networking skills. 

Today reskilling to Digital Education is a key factor for the business, and companies need to work on their highest Brand Ambassadors, before all. 

You can see my eyes brightening while I’m working on personal branding projects for Women Executives.

In that moment, we, together, are working to change the World through their Role Models: this means for me being a Feminist, helping women in reaching the same opportunities as men, on a meritocratic basis.

(I am just going to powder my nose. My new website will be online soon. Meanwhile you can follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter),